Road boys biker mob B


This multipart set allows you to make 3 road boy bikers! The set comes with 48 parts. There are 3 main bike chassis and 3 main front wheel sections. Combine any front section with any chassis to make a bike sub-assembly (some wheels are interchangeable). Onto each bike sub-assembly, all other parts are interchangeable. This includes 3 torsos, 1 pair of legs (print x3), 2 hand weapons, 1 handlebar grip with no hand, 5 heads (plus 2 hair critters that can go on top of any bare head), 3 thunder runts, 3 front handlebar accessories and 3 blasters (including 1 runt gunner). Note that the heads in this set have the same concave fitting that feature in other recent Mezgike sets, such as the gruntz, freebooters, meznobs etc, so can be interchanged. The set comes with a pre-supported 75mm plain oval bases.

This is road boyz biker mob B. It is compatible with Biker mob A. So if you combine the two, you will be able to make loads of road boy bikers!

Assembly advice: If you want to combine with mob A, you must first build a chassis and attach a pair of legs (mob A had the legs attached to the chassis but mob B has the legs separate). Once you have a chassis build with legs attached, bodies, heads, weapons, spikes, accessories and runts are all interchangeable. We recommend you dry fit all parts before gluing.

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