Da good boyz


This set of miniatures is made up of 13 parts. This includes 10 good boyz and 3 optional accessories (dog house, dog bowl, and dirt hole). The set comes with 25mm bases.

You just can’t have an orc army without including your best friends. And these adorable little red monsters are absolutely ‘orc’s best friend’! They’re the goodest boyz, too. Grab this set of 10 unique good boyz to either include in your runt mobs, your grunt mobz, your warboss, your vehicles or terrain. You can use them as stand-alone miniatures or as a conversion pack to add flavour to your other orc miniatures. Brimming with character, one of these little fellas is fetching a space marine arm, one is rolled on his back waiting for a tummy scratch, one has just dug up his bone, one is chasing his tail, once is delivering the dakka and some are even relieving themselves!


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