Road boys biker mob A


This multipart set allows you to make 3 road boy bikers! The set comes with 59 parts. There are sub-assemblies that build 3 main bikes. Onto each bike sub-assembly, all other parts are interchangeable. This includes 3 torsos, 3 hand weapons, 1 handlebar grip with no hand, 7 heads (plus 1 hair critter that can go on top of any head), 3 thunder runts, 4 front windscreens (including an adorable little fella in a basket), 6 blasters, 4 dirt kickups (you can use these to pose some bikers to be in a wheelie position, or just speeding super fast), and 10 spike sets. These spike sets can be placed wherever you like, some are designed to fit onto curved bars, and some are designed to fit onto flat areas like the top of the engines etc. You can also leave these off if you wish. Note that the heads in this set have the same concave fitting that feature in other recent Mezgike sets, such as the gruntz, freebooters, meznobs etc, so can be interchanged. The set comes with a pre-supported 75mm plain oval base.

This is road boyz biker mob A. Biker mobs B and C are on their way and will be interchangeable with this set. So you will be able to make loads of road boy bikers!

Assembly advice: We recommend you dry fit all parts before gluing.

Road boys loving nothing more than a good bit of junk with a V8 bolted to it, a couple of wheels, a blaster or two and loads of spikes all over it. Road boys will climb onto this metal steel of diesel-guzzling madness, take their favourite goggles and race each other into the front lines of whatever enemy needs killing. Each one will take a lucky thunder runt, who gets to jump off with his bang stick and crack open any enemy armour they might ride past.

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