Dredge marines combat squad


This set of miniatures consists of 5 unique dredge marines, including a champion armed with fist, sword and plasma rifle. Additionally, 1 marine can take an assault rifle or plasma rifle. There are 36 parts. All heads and powerpacks are interchangeable. The set also comes with a little mutated hermit crab, and the seagull atop the champion is an optional part that can be left off if desired.

The Dredge chaos legion is made up of elite warriors called Dredge Marines. Only 500 were ever made and deployed to the ocean planet to guard it. Dredge marines wear the ‘narwhal pattern’ deep sea power armour. This armour features the infamous, long-pointed narwhal horn on the forehead of the helm – creating a terrifyingly tall and looming silhouette that no enemy wants to see on the horizon. Dredge marines are armed with assault rifles with rusted bayonets and deadly swing-grenades. Dredge marines are able to battle on the beaches, the rigs and the very sea bed itself. They are notorious as among the most relentless of power-armoured marines in the universe.

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