Dredge marine warriors multipart set


This HUGE multipart set allows you to make as many dredge marines you need, as all parts are interchangeable! The x20 set comes with 288 parts. This includes:

20 leg sets plus 2 tactical rocks
20 torsos
20 heads (15 narwhal pattern helms, 1 walrus pattern helm and 4 bare heads including an angler fish head)
20 double arm sets (including 16 hammer rifles, 2 plasma and 2 melt gun)
24 standard single arms (2 are pulling a grenade from their chest bandolier)
32 weapon hands (including 2 rifle, 2 tide-spitter, 4 pistol types, 20 brutal hand weapons an empty fist and open palm)
4 dredge fists (shark fist and mine fist)
Powepacks (comprised of 20 powerpack bodies, 20 toppers and 20 guns, each held by a tentacle)
66 shoulder pad centre
plus 20 32mm bases

The x10 set will come with 144 parts and the and x5 set will come with 72 parts (just half the amounts from previous set)

ASSEMBLY ADVICE: We recommend you dry-fit all parts before gluing, so that you can find that perfect pose, but also so that you can be sure parts will fit nicely. All torsos can rotate in the hip joints, so dry-fit arms onto the torso before gluing the torso to the legs, to make sure the weapons or arms do not collide with the legs. All single hand parts can fit on any arm, however the double arms (the ones holding rifles) are numbered sets. For example, you must place the #3 rifle part with the corresponding #3 arm part. Any shoulder pad centre can go in any shoulder pad slot, on any arm. There is a selection of shoulder pads, some with and some without the dredge legion icon. If you would like to create 10 dredge marines from this set. There are 10 powerpack tops that differentiate the powerpacks and you can attach a tentacle-held gun to any powerpack. All heads and powerpacks are interchangeable with other dredge marine sets.

Part of the sea, part of the Dredge. Dredge marine warriors are the deadliest power-armoured troops under the seas of the grim future universe. They wear the narwhal pattern power armour, often pocked with barnacles and dripping with slimy sea rot and wield an assortment of dark, sinister weaponry. Some of this weaponry includes the terrifying shark fist, for those particularly blessed by the demons of the deep. Others carry rusted, brutal close combat weapons. Some dredge marines use radioactive melt guns, plasma rifles and tide spitters, but by far the most common is the hammer rifle. Many dredge marines become physically fused to their weapons, for they never let them go. Along with the sea itself, a dredge weapon becomes part of the marine. A dredge marine may opt to take a blood bag – a defeated enemy who is attached to his armour while the marine feeds off it like a parasite. Dredge marines are tough, relentless and they will never stop their inevitable advance.

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