Peacekeeper Specialists


Thundering across the battlefield peacekeeper units support their fellow enforces with blush Shields forming an impenetrable wall of armoured muscle, braced to receive any attack and rebuff it with the resounding noises of butchery from their storm mauls. When the time comes to push, peacekeeper specialists are called to the fray, gunning down any would-be heroes long before they can even imagine a victory. Wielding rotary guns to turn infantry into red mist, flame cannons to clear bunkers and scour the battlefield of enemies, or auto cannons to bring down like vehicles, specialists are fully equipped to take on any foe short of a tank with accuracy, efficiency and extreme prejudice.

This kit contains all the required components to build three peacekeeper specialists. The kit includes three poses for either auto cannons, flame cannons or rotary guns, each of which can be attached to any other peacekeeper model. These models stand approximately 43mm tall, and are designed to fit on 40mm bases.

Bases NOT included.

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