Grim Hummel Artillery


The Grim Hummel has two breach options; one for the single shot weapons and one for the quad cannon which are both ready for magnets so you can swap them out. There is also the option to install magnets into the main weapon mounts so that you can angle the weapon forwards or at an angle. All with pre-made holes for magnetization. The kit also comes with spare tracks, and spare wheels that you can print and add to the model at your choosing. The compartment in the hull is large enough to store all the main weapons and one of the breaches as well as any hull weapons you have.

WEAPON OPTIONS includes four Main weapon and two side weapons;

Main Gun; Howitzer cannon. anti-tank cannon. bunker buster cannon. Quad Cannon.
Front Hull; Also includes a heavy machine gun and heavy flame thrower for it’s front hull.

Length is 137mm. Width is 79mm. Height is 76mm with the weapon angled forward.

This Tank comes in 17 parts that will need to be assembled.  Magnets NOT included.

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