Grim SturmTiger Assault Gun / JagdTiger Tank Destroyer


The Grim SturmTiger Assault Gun and Grim JagdTiger Tank Destroyer is a 2 in 1 kit. Choose to build one or the other. There is also a compartment in the hull for holding dice or gaming snacks.  Spare track links with hooks and track link hooks are provided so you can add them onto the tank where ever you like. There is also a large shell for the SturmTiger that you can suspend from the crane using some of your fine hobby chain. The crane is removeable and articulates and there are small holes in the crane through which you can feed the chain. The Grim SturmTiger / JagdTiger is the perfect size for heroic 28mm wargaming.


Front to back including fenders/treads(but not main cannon) is 137mm.

Width including treads is 88mm. Not including treads is 49mm.

Height is 74mm not including crane. Including crane is 92mm.


Magnets NOT included.

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