The Bubonic Dredge Caster


This miniature consists of 1 unique Bubonic Dredge Caster. There are 11 parts. This includes 1 body, 2 shoulder pads, 1 powerpack & cloak, 1 hand with smoke spell, 1 hand without a spell repeater, 1 staff, and 3 different head choices. This model comes with a scenic base, filled with wriggling, writhing rigwalkers. Wherever the bubonic dredge caster goes, rigwalkers seem to follow.

This bloated psycho is the next lieutenant in the Dredge range. He marches towards the weak enemies of the Sunken One, as slithering hordes of rigwalkers squirm beneath his stride. He carries a tentacled plague-ridden staff and exhumes from it the deadly breath of Mthulus himself.

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