Meznobz multipart set


This multipart set allows you to make 3 Meznobz. The set comes with 45 parts, this includes 3 sets of legs, 3 iron gobs, 3 engines, 3 universal torsos, 6 arm types, 3 klaws, 6 shoota halves, 3 burna halves, 3 rockit halves, 6 heads, 3 accessories including red space rat, fungus and base bricks. Any arm can go on any side of the body, torsos can twist on any legs and heads can rotate and pivot at the neck. To build each gun, choose any two halves and put them together, then place them on any arm. If you reflect some parts you will get even more unique models! Note that heads and bodies can be rotated, allowing you to turn them as desired, but the arms fit in set positions. The set comes with a pre-supported 40mm plain bases.

Meznobz are the retinue of all the toughest orc warbosses, including the infamous Mezgob. Each one has earnt (or looted) enough teef to buy the best mek-bitz to make his own super armour set. He can choose a snappy klaw and and custom gun to go with it. He can bolt an extra shoota, burna or rockit to it depending on what needs killing.


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