Laser blaster effects x100 – Mezgike


This pack gives you a set of laser blaster effects which you can use for your miniature conversions, bases, dioramas, or wargames terrain. They look amazing when painted brightly and attached to the inside of your miniature’s gun barrel, or even as magic effects on your fantasy miniatures. These look awesome on anything from guardsmen to tanks, orc weapons, wizards or necromancers, anything you’re working on that needs special effects.

The set includes 100 laser effects in 20 different styles, so you will be able to find the right type to suit your project. All come pre-supported and attached to a small sprue for easy storage and so that you don’t lose them. Just cut them off the sprue as needed. Each effect is 1.75mm in diametre at the base, so you will need to drill a 2mm hole. Of course you may scale these up as needed (just send me a message).

This item will be printed in our Tabletop standard.

Note: the gun and runt shown in the images do not come in the set, shown for illustrative purposes only.

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