Orc shoota gruntz, multi-part set


The 5x set comes with 26 parts and the x10 set comes with 52 parts. This multipart set allows you to make as many shoota gruntz you need, and all of them will be unique! The x5 set includes 5 bodies, 2 base details, 5 heads, 4 shootas held with 2 hands, 1 shoota held with 1 hand, 2 arms with no hands and 2 additional hand options. There are 5 gun bodies which fit on any shoota, allowing for more customization and flexibility. Any gun or arm can go on any body. The set comes with 32mm plain bases.

Every orc army is made up of war boys, called gruntz. This mob is the shoota gruntz; they’re snorty and grumpy unless they’re pinning that trigger finger, blasting out dakka ontop of more dakka.

IMPORTANT: Gun arms are designed to click into place. You need to use a touch of force when you push the arms from below, into the shoulder socket. We recommend you place a tiny bit of glue into the shoulder sockets before clicking the arms into place. You will get some movement to swivel the arms to get just the right pose.

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