Mezgob da scrap boss – 65mm


Mezgob da Scrap Boss – 65mm, comes on a 50mm Base.
14 parts total including 4 head designs.

“Meet Mezgob, boss of Da Scrap Ladz. He’s got da snazzy zappa axe and a supa suit. It’s a clinkin’, tinkin’, stompin’ machine what’s made of da best bits of bullet-bouncin’ scrap. Plus it’s got a big chugga stuck to it. Boss Mez always chooses one lucky runt to go wiv him ta do da shootin’. Dis is an is an honour for us runts, coz it’s so loud it makes ya go deff. I kept one of da bullet cases once as a souvenir, coz I swear it blew up dis big blue tank we was fightin’. Sure, da boss was smackin’ it wiv his zappa axe, but I was layin’ down a solid thumpin wiv da big chugga and I reckon dats what made it pop. Mezgob is our favourite boss. But ya don’t wanna make him mad. And ya can tell when he’s grumpy, his eye goes all glowy. Dat’s when ya do what ya told or just leg it.” – Deffgit da runt.

Mezgob is one of the bosses from ‘Da Scrap Ladz’ clan. There are many other miniatures from this range, so check em out.

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