Deep Shroud Heavy Dredge Marines


The order of the deep shroud was created to accompany and guard Mthulus. There have been many assassination attempts throughout the millennia, yet Mthulus endures on his underwtaer planet, Krathus IV, thanks to his impenetrable unit of utterly devoted bodyguard. These veterans wear an ancient type of dredge marine armour, call the ammonite pattern heavy power armour and they cover their faces in dark, tattered robes. Deep shroud dredge marines swore oaths to never part with their anchor scythes; dreaded and brutal power weapons designed to bludgeon, cut, and pierce any armour. These close combat weapons are also fitted with tide spitters, staff-mounted cannons that fire a caustic ocean sludge that melts almost anything. They are also equipped with deadly kill spikes on their forearms and since deep shroud dredge marines will never flee, they will use their kill spikes in the closest of combat to the last gurgling breath.

The x3 set comes with 34 pre-supported parts. This includes: (parts will be mirrored for the the x6 set)

  • 3 sets of legs
  • 3 torso backs
  • 3 breast plates
  • 3 sets of arms
  • 3 anchor scythe heads
  • 5 shoulder pads (now compatible with the tide masters set)
  • 2 hand options
  • 6 head options (comprised of a mix of helmeted, unhelmeted, hooded and mutated including a mutated blob fish head).
  • 3 optional tide spitter fumes
  • 40mm plain base

Assembly Advice: We recommend you dry fit all parts before gluing, so that you can find that perfect pose, but also so that you can be sure parts will fit nicely. For example, if you turn the head too much and glue it in place, the breast plate may not fit properly. This is especially so with the mutated sea tentacle heads. Ensure you glue these heads in place while dry-fitting the breast plate.


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