Guard runtz mob ‘A’


Guard runtz make up the bulk of the IMPERIUL GITZ armies. They form specialised mobs and are sent on secret missions to provide the humour for the rest of the boyz. Some operations a warboss might like to send his guard runtz on might include:

1. Attack the big blue tank with grenade pins.

2. Infiltrate da Emprah’s chambers and steal his chair.

3. Exterminate all da filthy aliens, especially the bug ones.

This set has some characterful runtz for you to include in your orc armies. One runt is blasting a bug, one has a blaster with a mouse trap as his trigger, one is shooting his blaster backwards to the horror of all da ladz, one has a VERY rare and ancient melee weapon, One is throwing his grenade pin (probably at a tank), one is cowering on the ground and one is a special comms runt with a vox rat, shouting into the receiver, “which way do we shoot, boss”?

This set of miniatures can make 10 unique guard runtz. The set comes with 16 pre-supported parts. This includes:

· 10 guard runtz

· 1 pistol that can be swapped with a banner, for 1 runt

· 1 vox rat that sits on top of the comms runt

· 1 ruined brick wall for any runt to hide behind

· 2 lasergun zap effects that can go with any of the blasters

· 25mm plain bases

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