Dredge marine dredgenought


This multipart, multipose miniature consists of 25 parts and can be assembled with whatever pose you like! This includes parts to make one of 2 primary weapons; an assault blaster or a volcasma culverin. These primary weapons can twist and pivot, allowing you to position them however you like. You can choose to equip your dredgenought with either or both of these weapons on each side, or you can use the mutated fist. The mutated fist arm has a ball socket so you can position the arm however you like. This miniature can be made with the helmet on or off, or even raised open to reveal the hard wired marine inside. There are 2 leg variants, with 2 feet and 2 shin guards. All can be interchanged. The hips and feet have ball and socket joints so you can position the hips, waist and feet however you like. The set comes with a 60mm plain base.

The Dredge has become known as one of the most terrifying chaos legions to surface in recent times. With marines, rigwalkers and axe-wielding lords trudging onto the beach, now looms something even worse. The Dredge marine dredgenought. It’s corroded, multi-eyed dome helm is a soul-sinking sight to any guard soldier as it inches out of the water, dripping in rotten seaweed and coral. Armed with an array of heavy arsenal as well as huge mutated, tentacle fists, nothing will stand in the way of this walking tower as it marches relentless, to the destruction of all those who not not serve the Great Sunken One.


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