Freebooter orc lootenant


This miniature consists of 10 parts and a 32mm base. This includes 3 head options; 1 with a pirate hat and cigar and 2 with no pirate hat, in case you wish to make this orc a non-pirate squad leader. The model comes with a power klaw and an orc pistol with chunky ammo, as well as an optional scrap bomb parrot. The model comes with a boss pole which slots into a hole on his back plate, making it super easy for you to convert and slot in your own clan-based boss pole if you want.

Lootenants are the squad leaders for your ladz. This one is a pirate! And every orc boss pirate takes his best hat, coat and ciggy into battle, along with his krumpiest weapons. This kaptin has a high caliber scrap pistol and a power klaw what squishes stuff, on account it’s not sharp but blunty. And if he finds he needs to pop a tank or something, he’ll rip his scrap parrot off his shoulder, wind it up and throw it – yep it’s a bomb. Get this pirate lootenant amongst your flashiest mobs and plunder the grim dark battlefields.


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