Mareen boyz mob – multipart sets


Clanky shootas or huge choppy blades? Both of course! Mareen boyz are just like regular boyz, except they dress up like marines. They reckon they’re pretty kunin’. Using bits of junk and scrap bolted or welded together and bashed into the shape of the shiny oomies, mareen boyz can be used as your basic orc troops, or special ops boyz if you’re a sneaky git.

This is the first release for a new orc faction by Mezgike, called “Imperiul Gitz”. An army of orcs, runtz and bosses who think they’re fooling everyone.

This massive set can make a huge amount of unique mareen boyz armed with either melee or ranged weapons. All parts are interchangeable and posable. The x20 set comes with 308 parts. This includes:

20 power-armour leg sets
20 junky torsos
2 powerpack bodies (print x10 each to make 20 boyz)
20 unique powerpack tops
20 choppas
20 pistols
20 single arms (choppa and pistols slot into these and can twist at the wrist)
20 shoota arm sets (9 connected arms, 1 shoota resting on shoulder and a confused scratching arm)
40 heads (20 bare heads and 20 helmeted heads)
20 shoulder pads
46 extra bits (10 purity sealz, 10 muzzle flashs, 2 spent ammo streams and 2 sneaky snotgobs)
32mm plain bases (optional)

The x10 set will come with 154 parts and the and x5 set will come with 77 parts (just half the amounts from previous set)

Assembly advice: Shoota arms click into place and can then be pivoted. We recommend you dry fit all parts before gluing, particularly when combining the head and shoota arms, to ensure a nice fit.

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