Dredge Marine Reinforcements A


This full set consists of 2 unique HEAVIES and 2 unique MELEE dredge marines armed with special weapons. The full set consists of 29 parts. All heads and powerpacks are interchangeable with other dredge marines from this range, so you can mix and match for more variety. Dredge marine heads also fit with other space marine-type bodies. This miniatures comes with a 32mm bases.

Dredge marine squads often use a variety of special weapons;

The tide spewer is a caustic plague weapon that blasts a toxic sea sludge capable of melting power armour, mega armour, tank hulls and even concrete bunkers. These weapons are usually made up of a network of plumbing, hoses and various taps, all connecting to a swashing tank of rotten sludge.

The torpedo launcher is a devastating weapon, particularly when used in underwater battles. The weapon automatically loads and sends propelled torpedo warheads trailing through the water, before popping enemy submarines. As a result of the following carnage, marines who operate this weapon often wear upgraded heavy armour and the ‘walrus pattern’ helmet.

The sea cleaver is a simple but chaotic weapon favoured by the dredge, simply because of the terror it inflicts with each swing. Marines who wield this weapon are particularly psychotic and will often find themselves deep within the enemy lines, in a blood-thirsty rage. If they are wearing a mine helm, they may choose to detonate this and take as many enemies with them as possible.

The anchor flail is feared among all before it. Imagine the sound of huge rusted chain links as they drag across the floor, pulling the weight of an iron monster behind. The creak of wet wood as the heretic marine wielding it tightens his grip on the weapon’s shaft. His unhelmeted, mutated hammerhead grins as he hoists up the anchor flail and prepares to swing it into the enemy line.

The Dredge chaos legion is made up of elite warriors called Dredge Marines. Only 500 were ever made and deployed to the ocean planet to guard it. Dredge marines wear the ‘narwhal pattern’ deep sea power armour. This armour features the infamous, long-pointed narwhal horn on the forehead of the helm – creating a terrifyingly tall and looming silhouette that no enemy wants to see on the horizon. Dredge marines are armed with assault rifles with rusted bayonets and deadly swing-grenades. Dredge marines are able to battle on the beaches, the rigs and the very sea bed itself. They are notorious as among the most relentless of power-armoured marines in the universe.

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