Badlandz bases set


This set is made up of 44 bases, including:
· 10 x 25mm round bases
· 10 x 32mm round bases
· 5 x 40mm round bases
· 2 x 50mm round bases
· 3 x 64mm round bases
· 1 x 80mm round base
· 1 x 90mm round base
· 1 x 100mm round base
· 1 x 130mm round base
· 5 x 75mm oval bases
· 1 x 90mm oval base
· 1 x 105x70mm oval base
· 1 x 120x92mm oval base
· 1 x 150mm oval base
· 1 x 170mm oval base

This pack gives you a complete set of highly detailed bases for your army, covering all sizes from 25mm to the massive 170mm oval base. The setting for these bases is a desolate, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Set along a cracked highway road and detailed with all sorts of rusted junk and scrap piles, littered with bullet casings, torn papers, skulls, nuts, bolts, metal, pipes, hoses and fungi mushrooms, these bases are the perfect set for any wargames army – especially orcs! Some of the cool details you might find in these bases include a trash can with a sleeping space rat, empty spray cans, bike chains, orc helmets, broken skulls, old tires, empty gas tanks and much more. These bases have been designed with plenty of flat surfaces, so that you will be able to find a nice flat spot to place your miniature. Each base also includes a hollowed spot underneath, for you to place your own magnets if you wish. These are full bases, not toppers.

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