Dredge Marine Tide Masters multipart set


This multipart set allows you to make as many tide lords you need, as all parts are interchangeable! The 5x set comes with 71 pre-supported parts. This includes: (double for the x10 set)

  • 5 legs
  • 5 torsos
  • 5 breast plates
  • 8 heads (4 bare and 4 helmet heads)
  • 3 heavy weapons (tide spewer, torpedo launcher and the sea dragon)
  • 1 mine flail (with arms)
  • 5 barnacle swords
  • 1 drill fist
  • 5 dual rifle kombi weapons, consisting of
    • 5 auto rifle bases (right side)
    • 5 auto rifle supplements (left side)
    • 1 plasma supplement (left side)
    • 1 melt gun supplement (left side)
    • 1 tide spitter supplement (left side)
  • 10 arms (left and right, not including mine flail arm set)
  • 12 shoulderpads
  • Plain 40mm base

Every part in this set is interchangeable. You can place any torso on any legs, any breast plate on any torso. Torsos can twist and pivot at the hips. All weapons can go on any arm (except the mine flail which uses its own arm set). All arms join to the weapon/hand at the forearm. These can twist as desired to find the best pose. Each dual rifle weapon is made up of the right-hand side base and you can put either an auto rifle onto the left side, or one of three special weapons. Ensure you place your tide lord’s head into the torso before gluing the breast plate on. Indeed, you can paint the model with the breast plate left off, and glue in place after you have finished painting the main assembly. Regardless, we recommend you dry fit all parts before gluing to ensure a nice fit.

(For the set of 10, the shoulderpads, legs, torsos will be mirrored)

Tide Masters are the most elite warriors of the Dredge. They wear a modified version of the ancient ammonite pattern armour of their deep shroud brothers, designed to withstand the heaviest of frontline warfare. Tide lords take an array of deadly ranged weaponry into battle from dual rifle kombi weapons to heavy weapons like the tide spewer, torpedo launcher and the anti-troop auto blaster known as the sea dragon. Tide lords are also prepared to annihilate enemies in close combat with melee weapons ranging from rusted barnacle blades, drill fists and the obliterating mine-flail.
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