Corals and critters accessories pack A


This set of miniatures is made up of 50 parts. These Will be printed using my ABS Tabletop standard Resin

This pack gives you a set of corals, creatures and seas shells which you can use for your miniature conversions, bases, dioramas or wargames terrain. For the corals, kelp and anemones, simply drill a small hole into any surface on your miniature and glue in place to give the piece an underwater reef vibe. The corals have been designed to be quite simple so as to paint easily, but if you want to go heavy on the underwater theme you can place loads of them all over your miniature to bring it to life! This pack also comes with a few sea creatures that you can use to add more underwater flavour. The shark carcass comes in two parts, allowing you to spread it out for ultimate gruesome effect, or place the two parts together. The shark will look great as terrain and can be enlarged for the perfect centerpiece on the table. Drill a bunch of holes in it and place corals all over it! Note that rods are 1.7mm in diameter, so you need to drill a 2mm hole.

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