Castellans of Ouresa – Cassiopeia


Cassiopeia of the Castellans of Ouresa is a large model scaled at 225mm tall and 280mm wide


The new addition to the Castellans of Ouresa, Cassiopeia, one of the famed Watcher constructs in the armoury of the Castellans.

Bearing such honourary names as the Spear of Twilight, or the Starbourne Seraphim, Cassiopeia is known to those within the bounds of Ouresa as a guardian archangel, a heaven-sent heroine. Naturally, of course, this is the Promised Land, and we don’t have nice things here.

Like all the Castellans, Cassiopeia is driven by the directive to protect humans from outside dangers, but it has been rumoured that she has been given another name by those beyond the borders of their empire – one such as the Reaper of Istaryx, earned for the supposed slaughter of a small city, leaving the streets running red with the ichor of the innocent and the warrior alike. Of course, this is just hearsay, and as we know, the Watchers are just here to protect us. As we know.

This is, as you can see, a fairly substantial model, and is absolutely stacked with detail.

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