Rigwalkers horde A


This set of miniatures consists of 10 unique rig walkers / plague zombies with a rotten, underwater theme. They are adorned with fetid coral, starfish, tentacles, seaweed and carrying makeshift rusted weapons. Perfect for use in scifi chaos armies for tabletop wargames. There are 11 pre-supported parts . The set includes 25mm bases.

The Dredge is a chaos legion, born of a rotten sea. Rig Walkers were once human, once working the oil rigs of this forgotten ocean planet. Some were tradesmen and women, some worked the consoles and some performed diving operations. After the awakening of the deep beasts, these workers were among the first to fall to chaos. They spent the next ten thousand years stumbling around their industrial ocean habitats, aimlessly following the same routes along the catwalks and factory decks, slowly becoming plague zombies and part of the sea. Now they have gathered in uncountable zombie hordes and together with units of chaos marines, they follow their Dredge Lords to bring the salted plagues unto new worlds.

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