Dredge Marine Fetid Minebringer


This miniature consists of 1 unique fetid minebringer. There are 10 parts. This includes 1 torso, 1 set of legs, 1 dredge halo, 2 shoulder pads, 1 powerpack, 1 arm with morning star, 1 arm with plasma repeater and 1 core mine split into 2 parts, with a dredgeling clinging to it. The dredge halo is optional and will also fit onto other dredge marine bodies. The powerpack is also interchangeable with other dredge marines from this range, so you can mix and match for more variety. This miniature comes with a 40mm pre-supported base.

The fetid minebringer is one of the legion’s specialist lieutenants. He carries with him an array of deadly sea mines, filled with a poisonous fume that leaks and follows him as a fog. This fume is lethal to all but the dredge, who breathe it with joy. Agonizing and torturous even to a dredge marine, yet it fills them with vigour. The minebringer himself breathes only the sludgy vapour spewing from these iron lungs, with a network of hoses that lead from the core mine directly to his mask. He wields a morning star which can as well vent the poisonous fume, or explode on impact – if that is the will of the great sunken one.


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