Orc Lootenant with choppa or smasha fist


This miniature consists of 9 parts. This includes head options plus your choice of a choppa or a smasha fist! The model comes with a boss pole which slots into a hole on his back pack, making it super easy for you to convert and slot in your own clan-based boss pole if you want. The set comes with a pre-supported 32mm base.

Every mob of boyz needs a lootenant that can dish out a good kickin’, and to make sure da boyz is killin’ stuff in the right direction. This lootenant can take a choppa or a smasha fist, depending on what needs killin’. He’s proper military with his LT hat or helmet, and his big black boss coat. He’s even shown a commissar or two whose boss and stuck their head on his boss pole. He’s dead ‘ard. Get him up the front of your toughest mobs quick smart, and you’ll just win everything.


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