Commander Thalpior, Dredge Legion Master


Commander Thalpior is the master for the dredge legion. His ancient ammonite armour is cloaked in putrid seaweed and splintered with toxic coral stacks that pump a deadly fog into the air. His two horns puncture through his skull and helmet. He wields the power trident– a relic blade created by his hammer marine brothers and destined to one day fell its own prime lord, Mthulus.

This set comes with 12 parts. This includes:

  • 4 head options (2 helmet types, 1 hooded, 1 bare head)
  • Front torso
  • Back torso
  • Legs
  • Base coral detail
  • Power trident weapon
  • 3 optional poisonous fumes
  • 50mm plain base

Assembly advice: We recommend you dry fit all parts before gluing, and in particular ensure the breast plate will fit over your helmet horns.

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