Orc and runt skulls pack


This miniatures accessory pack is made up of 19 skulls (5 runts, 14 orcs plus a space rat), and 2 skeletons (1 runt and 1 boss with klaw). There are 23 parts total

Litter your battlefield with the remains of dead greenskinz. Scatter orc or runt skulls all over your terrain, mount them to your trucks or just chuck ’em in the back. Put some on your bases to create some interest, hang some from the boss’s belt or stick ’em on a boss pole. How about this; swap the heads with your other ladz and make zombie orcs… This set even has a full skeleton of a boss with klaw. Lean him up against some terrain wall or use him as an objective marker, because them boyz will love to get their hands on that relic klaw! There’s also a little runt skeleton, that’s not worth using as an objective marker though, just make it getting stepped on or run over. The skulls are all unique, some are cracked or smashed, some still have their helmets on and one has a bit of bionic know-wotz attached. Skulls vary in size as some represent runts, regular orcs or bosses. One part is not even a skull, just some cheeky space rat having a sleep in an old boss’s helmet.

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