Grim Whippet Flame Tank


The Grim Whippet Tank includes pivoting turret and sponson with pre-made holes for weapon magnetization as well as a compartment in the hull to hold extra weapons. It is the perfect size to represent a fast attack tank for heroic 28mm wargaming.

Main weapons; Twin Laser Cannon(A). Twin Autocannon(B). Inferno Cannon(C). Cover Breaker Cannon(D). Twin MG(E). Heavy Plasma Cannon(F). Battle Cannon(G). Anti Tank Cannon(H). Multi-laser Cannon(I). Auto Cannon(J). Heavy Flamer(K). Light Cannon(L). MG(M). Heat Cannon(n). Gatling Cannon(O). Seige Cannon(P).

Hull weapons; Plasma (1). Heat Gun (2). Laser Cannon (3). MG (4). Flamer (5)

Front to back is 127mm.
Width is 78mm.
Height including turret is 66mm.

This Tank comes in 13 parts. Magnets NOT included.


Main Gun between A-P.

Hull weapons between 1-5.

See description for weapon option details.


Main weapon;

Hull Weapons;

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