Grim T-54 Main Battle Tank


The Grim T-54 includes rotating turret, hull weapon and sponsons with pre-made holes for weapon magnetization. The hull also has a compartment to hold extra weapons. The sponsons are optional and can be glued to one of three locations on top of the fenders. There are also three different Sponson designs you can choose from. Pintle weapon options are included. It is the perfect size for heroic 28mm wargaming.

WEAPON OPTIONS include one Main weapon and Bustle, one Hull weapon, one Pintle weapon and optional two Sponson(side) weapons.

Main Weapon; Main Battle Cannon (A). Anti Tank Cannon(B). Twin Laser(C). Twin Autocannon (D). Heavy Plasma Cannon (E). Siege Cannon (F). Gatling Cannon (G). Demolisher Cannon (H).

Hull/Sponson weapons; Plasma (1). Heat Gun (2). Laser Cannon (3). MG (4). Flamer (5)

Pintle; MG. Stormbolter.

This Tank comes in 22 parts without the sponsons and 38 parts with the sponsons that will need to be assembled. Magnets NOT included.

Front to back including fenders/treads(but not main cannon) is 129mm.
Width including treads is 85mm. Not including treads is 51mm.
Height including turret is 77mm, not including turret 42mm.


Main Gun between A-H.

Hull Weapon between 1-5

Sponsons(side weapons) between 1-5.

See description for weapon option details.


Main weapon;

Hull Weapon;


Pintle MG or Stormbolter;


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