Grim Strider Light Walker


The Grim Strider Light Walker fits into the grim universe of tabletop wargaming as an agile scout sentinel. It can be used with or without the additional armour to adapt to a scout or armoured role. It can be equipped with a search light, hunter killer missile and chainsaw melee weapon. The kit is also compatible with the Grim Vehicle Weapon kit MAIN weapons. All of these options are prepped for magnets. Weapons included; Heavy Flamer, Las Cannon, and Missile Launcher.

The legs are fully poseable, it comes with a number of pre-posed legs you can use to get just the right look you’re after. The hatch in the turret opens and you can add your own pilot if you desire.


Height 93mm.

Width 50mm wide not including toes.

Front to back is about 58mm but varies by stance.

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