Grim Pony Tank


The Grim Pony Tank with rotating turret with twin machine guns. Measures 2 3/4 inches in length. It is the perfect size for heroic 32mm wargaming.

WEAPON OPTIONS include one turret main weapon;

Main weapons; Twin Laser Cannon(A). Twin Autocannon(B). Inferno Cannon(C). Cover Breaker Cannon(D). Twin MG(E). Heavy Plasma Cannon(F). Battle Cannon(G). Anti Tank Cannon(H). Multi-laser Cannon(I). Auto Cannon(J). Heavy Flamer(K). Light Cannon(L). MG(M). Heat Cannon(n). Gatling Cannon(O). Seige Cannon(P).

Length is 84mm. Width is 60mm.
Height is 56mm.

This Tank comes in 4 parts. Magnets NOT included.


Choose your main gun between A– P.

See description for weapon option details.


Main weapon;


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