Da wiz’ead and wizrunts


Da Wiz’Ead & Wizrunts is designed by Mezgike and is scaled at 40mm which comes on a 40mm base. Runtz come on 25mm bases.
15 parts in total

Da Wiz’eads are wierd orcs who can channel the energies of the void until it pops their eyeballs out or explodes from their mouth in face-melting blasts. Occasionally they’ll turn all the boys into space chickens. So to let everyone know they’re coming, Wiz’eads are surrounded by wizrunts who are supposed to warn the boys by shouting “leg it, the bloody wiz’ead’s coming!” But more often than not, they’re bending out on wizbooze, the famous concoctions made by the wiz’eads to help them ‘focus’ their energy. So most runts just tie some bells and rattling cans to their outfits instead, “workin’ smarter not harder,” as they reckon.

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