Bruzgob da warboss


This miniature consists of 21 parts and a 50mm Base.

This includes a giant ‘mega fist’ and ‘kustom blasta’ (with both flame thrower and rocket options attached because you never know what needs killin’). The gun comes with 2 main versions; one with the gun on fire and one with the gun NOT not on fire. You can also wack the optional stream of spent ammo cases on either gun version. There are three head options for Bruzgob; either his favourite trucka hat (good for when he’s in the back of a truck), his best helmet (perfect for head-buttin’ his brother Mezgob), or a bare head (to show off his shiny noggin). Also take note of the little space frog clinging to his leg. If that doesn’t win the hearts of da ladz, what else will?
Oi, you know Mezgob da scrapboss? Well this is his brother, Bruzgob da warboss. He’s slightly less armoured than Mezgob, but no less so-FIST-icated – just have a look at that ‘mega fist’! Stick him in a truck and get him right up into it where da ladz can see him squish a tank or two. His ‘kustom blasta’ can shoot, burn or explode all at once. Yeah nah yeah, when super heavy armour isn’t your thing, this is the warboss you need for your orc army.


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