Amalia-Class Secutor Construct


The Amalia-Class Secutor Construct comes unassembled and in 54 parts.

Dimensions: L – 150mm, W – 150mm, H – 215mm

Base size: 180x125mm. Base NOT supplied

WEAPON OPTIONS include; Battle Cannon(A). Conversion Cannon(B). Flame Cannon(C). Gattling Cannon with Belts(D) Gattling Cannon with Drum(E). Grav Cannon(F). Harpoon Cannon(G). Inferno Cannon(H). Las Cannon(I). Las Destroyer(J). Magma Melt Cannon(K). Plasma Blaster(L). Plasma Cannon(M).

Single Ranged weapon supplied along side the Demolisher Flails, please choose below. (see pictures for details)


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