Swamp Elemental


In the depths of the primeval marshlands, where the air is thick with humidity and the ground teems with mysterious life, the Swamp
Elemental emerges as a formidable force of nature. Born from the confluence of ancient magic and the primal energy inherent in the swamps, these enigmatic beings embody the essence of the murky wetlands they call home.
Legend speaks of a time when a powerful druidic circle sought to harmonize with the raw forces of nature, delving deep into the se-crets of the swamps. Through their rituals and ceremonies, they unlocked the key to merging with the elemental energies of the marshes. The culmination of their efforts gave birth to the first Swamp Elemental, a creature of immense power and influence over the swamplands.


This miniature comes as a single part with a 130x95mm oval base. Swamp Elemental  is 127mm tall.

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