Runt kanz mob, multi-pose set


This is a massive set, allowing you to make as many crazy designs as you can think of, and all of them will be unique! The set is designed to allow for huge customization and flexibility. The set comes with 67 parts. All legs, arms, feet, weapons, accessories and engine accessories use the same ball joint connector, so you can be really creative with the way you assemble your runt kanz. You could use a klaw instead of a foot, or you can connect a saw to the back of the .50 cal, or you can connect an arm to an arm and make your kanz have long arms. You can give your runt kan 2, 3 or 4 legs! You can use any of the limbs to make your kanz have a tail. For the bodies, you have 3 lower bodies, 3 middle bodies, 5 top hatches, 4 front hatches, and all of these parts can mix and match. You can twist the bodies to get just the right pose. The set comes with 6 weapons, including 3 close combat weapons (2 claws and a buzz saw), and 3 ranged weapons (1 rocket launcher, 1 burna flamer, and a .50 cal shoota). There are a variation of top hatches to choose from including basic hatches with a ball socket, allowing you to mount a weapon, accessory or engine, you have a hatch with a boss runt smoking a cigarette and you have a hatch with a crazy little red monster! You have a collection of 5 ‘danglies’, including a number plate, winch, spikes, chains and truck balls! The set comes with 60mm plain bases.

Stomping, limping, crawling into battle, da runt kanz are a dangerous group of ramshackle machines made of junk. The smartest of all the orc mek runts is in charge of creating these walking killing machines out of the best junk from the scrap pile, and they are piloted by whatever runt gets into the seat first. Armed with all sorts of crazy weapons, da runt kanz love nothing more than to stomp around and kill all the stuff. Plus, it’s much harder for an orc warboss to eat a runt while they’re inside a runt kan!

We would love to see you create some CRAZY runt kanz and share them with us here.

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