Mthulus, Prime Lord Of The Dredge – Mezgike


This huge miniature comes with 21 parts. This miniature comes with a plain 100mm base.

Mthulus stands 229mm tall and is a huge centrepiece miniature. We recommend you dry fit all parts before gluing to ensure a nice fit.

Behold! Mthuls, prime lord of the dredge legion. The ancient warden of the deep once walked the noble stars, discovering new worlds, until he betrayed his brothers and retreated to the depths. Here he lured and trapped the great sunken one. 10,000 years of tortured rotten blood leeched among the chains and stained the salten waters corrupt. Mthulus learned the ways of demons and torture. He learned languages of dark realms, all the while his legion obeyed and became the sea itself. Now the dredge is ready to rise from the depths and bring unto the galaxy a new way. The way of Mthulus.

Part of the dredge, part of the sea.

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