Mega runtz mob A


Mega runtz are probably the luckiest of all runtz in da scrap lands, since they’ve been given the honour of wearing super armour. This armour is instilled with magic properties, or so they believe, since it seems to stop most of the bullets from blowing their hands off. As such, most mega runtz are quite old for a runt (at least a few weeks) and so they’re a touch bigger than regular runtz. Mega runtz like to show their bossy status by having something to kick around, and usually that means a few snotgobz dressed in a mega cardboard box.

Use your mega runtz mob as bosses of your regular runt mobs, or as their own heavily armoured elite unit.

This set contains six mega runtz, armed with guns, klaws and/or saws, plus 1 snotgob apprentice wearing cardboard armour. All parts are interchangeable, and all arms are posable with ball-joint shoulders. This set comes with 60 parts. This includes:

  • 6 bodies
  • 6 unique heads/breast plates
  • 8 left arms
  • 8 right arms
  • 6 saws (print x2 each to arm 3 mega runtz with dual saws)
  • 6 guns
  • 6 klaws
  • 1 cardboard box snotgob
  • 25mm plain bases
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