Lootenant Bully Mob A


runtz, runtz and boyz make up the bulk of any scrap ladz army. And da bosses is what leads ‘em in a big fight, making sure they fight da best fings. But sometime a boss needs a bit of help, ya know? That’s what lootenant bullies is for. These are bigger and tougher and grumpier than normal boyz, so they’re perfect squad leaders. Get ‘em bullying shooty mobs, choppy mobs, or even just get ‘em in their own big mob of ‘ard arses.

This mob of lootenant bullies has been designed as mostly mono-pose models, but with some swappable weapon options. Some of them can swap their axe for a klaw, and all heads and boss poles are interchangeable. Each one has been designed with unique poses, focusing on the mood of each character.

This set can make 5 unique lootenant bullies, armed with melee weapons. All heads and boss poles are interchangeable. This set comes with 27 parts. This includes:

  • 5 bodies which can make:
    • 1 with big axe
    • 3 with axe or klaw and pistol
    • 1 with axe and pistol
  • 7 heads
  • 5 boss poles
  • 32mm plain base
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