Heavy Dredge Lord, Multipart Set


The legions of the dredge marines are commanded by Thalpior and overseen by the prime lord, Mthulus. Though it is the dredge lords appointed by Thalpior who lead each dredge battalion. These generals are the most elite warriors who have exalted from the rank of tide master. Millennia of making their tidal wars upon the enemies of the dredge have made them formidable, merciless, and brutal. Each dredge lord is unique in their approach to conquest. Some prefer to lumber across the battlefield, bullets bouncing off them or embedding harmlessly into bloated, fleshy mutations, armed with nothing but brutal sea cleavers. Others use tide spewers to melt cities and bunkers with caustic sea sludge, and crush enemy marines in the jaws of dredge claws. Some dredge lords have become sorcerers with psychic weapons of war, driving their landlubber enemies to terrified insanity and turning them to rigwalkers. Whatever their methods of murder, dredge lords are among the most feared of any being in the grim universe.

Build your dredge lord with a selection of weapons and options. All weapon arms are interchangeable with the tide masters set. The three heads in this set have a square tab at the back, where they slot into a fixed pose. However, if you wish to, you can snip the tab off and customise as desired.

This set comes with 15 parts This includes:

  • 3 head options (2 helmet types and 1 pirate style tentacle head)
  • Front torso
  • Back torso
  • Left arm
  • 3 left arm options (open hand, dredge claw and brutal sea cleaver)
  • 3 right arm option (closed fist, tide spewer and dredge sorcerer staff)
  • 2 shoulder pads (interchangeable with the tide masters)
  • Base coral detail
  • 50mm plain base


Assembly advice: We recommend you dry fit all parts before gluing, and ensure you attach the head to the back torso section, before attaching to the front torso. It would also be ideal to paint the head before gluing the front and back torso together.

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