Doctor of the Dredge


The doctor of the dredge is a researcher and field medic. He is heavily mutated with a hard crab shell and multiple spindly and spiky crab legs which he uses to assist with brutal surgeries. One arm acts as a bone saw for quickly amputating or dispatching of enemies. His orderly follows him and carries blood bags, filled with toxic vitality. One blood bag is a human head, carrying the doctor’s mysterious concoction of salten calamity. The doctor carries a selection of tools and syringes as well as a lantern for those horrific operations in the pitch black.

Use this hero in your dredge armies to buffer your troops.

The set comes with 7 parts. This includes:

1 x body
1 x right arm
1 x right shoulderpad
1 x crab shell powerpack
1 x crab saw
1 x head
1 x orderly with bloodbags
1 x 40mm base

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