Da Road Boss – 48mm


Mezgob da Scrap Boss – 48mm, armed with two boomgunz and a huge relic power klaw. This includes six optional heads to choose from, plus a range of pins for joining the chassis perfectly comes on a 90mm Oval Base.
25 parts total including 6 head designs.

Da Road Boss just rode into town. He is the leader of ‘Da Reapas’ clan, an all-biker army. The miniature has reapa glyphs if you want to make yours from da reapas, otherwise there are options for blank glyphs so you can paint him whatever clan you want. He’s got a massive relic klaw for snipping humies in half or just mashing them as he rides on through the enemy lines.This klaw is so heavy he needed to rip out half of his body and anchor it right up in his torso (worth it, though).

The perfect ork warboss on warbike to lead your speed freak army.


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