Bogbog Bonehead, da beast hunter boss


This miniature consists of 9 parts and a 50mm bass. This includes a scrappy ‘snappa klaw’, monsta kleava, and shoulder-mounted runt gunner. There are two head options, one with Bogbog’s mean bone mask and one with his favourite bone topknot, which shows off his gnarly scarred face. You also get a bone carcass base detail, to help tell the story that these monster hunting orcs kill a lot of things and leave their bones all over the place.

This is the boss you need for leading your beast hunter orcs. He’s got all the tools to hunt the toughest monsters on the scrap planet. His snappa klaw arm is made from the skull of one such junk beast, with the jaw as a deadly spring-loaded trap. Bogbog sometimes likes to disconnect his snappa klaw and set it on the ground, giving his little runt ‘da speshul job’ of being tied to it as bait. While he’s not holding the snappa trap in place, the little gretchin mans a shoulder-mounted shoota. Bogbog draws his huge monsta kleava from a rawhide scabbard, which he uses to hack off the heads of his prey.

This is a large miniature with a really dynamic pose. Bogbog Bonehead his charging through the bone wastes, drawing his huge cleaver while readying his snappa klaw to grab onto some kind of enemy, while his runt gunner fires away rattling bullets at anything that resembles prey. His body is augmented with various bionics and his skin is leathered with thick hunt scars. His runt gunner holds his ammo belt in a bucket – these are scrap orcs and one man’s junk is an orc’s ammo box!

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