Addicted Dredger


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The addicted dredger is a dredge marine who is charged with keeping the deadly pathogens of the rotten sea. Stored in the great chambers at the darkest depts of the abyss, these bioweapons are world killers and vital to the success of the dredge legion’s domination. Dredge marines who spend enough decades watching the silent glow from row upon row of toxic vile, inevitably give in to their hellish allure. Many do not survive the first injection, but for those who do, a brutal berserk-like existence awaits. The addicted dredger becomes the bioweapon itself.

Use this hero in your dredge armies to buffer your troops.

The set comes with 6 parts. This includes:

  • 1 x body
  • 1 x left arm
  • 1 x left shoulderpad
  • 1 x powerpack
  • 1 x injector
  • 1 x fumes base detail
  • 1 x 40mm base



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