Death shell crawlers


In the black voids of the rotten depths, catacomb factoriums echo with the gurgle of unnatural creation. Robotic designers and orderlies work lifelessly, stitching terrifying war machines to demonic bio-engines. Upon connection of the inanimate to the abomination, a glowing light booms on within a massive nautiloid shell. Fleshy, slime-laden tentacles and crustaceous limbs twitch to life with bone-creaking snaps. Steam hisses as it’s melt-cannon and torpedo-cannon twist in check. Gears grind and maws growl as the new demon engines scuttle out of the factorium into the black. The death shell crawlers are on the hunt for delicious enemies of the dredge.

This set can make a pack of at least 3 unique death shell crawlers, though most parts are interchangeable so you could make as many as you wish! The set comes with 21 parts. This includes:

  • 1 body (print x3 each to make 3 death shell crawlers)
  • Face plate 1 (plus 2 eye options comprising 1 veiny eye and 1 angler fish lantern)
  • Face plate 2 (plus 2 visor options)
  • Face plate 3 (plus 1 dozer blade for this face)
  • 1 melt-cannon (print x3 each to make 3 death shell crawlers), plus 3 muzzle shield options to differentiate each model.
  • 1 torpedo-cannon (print x3 each to make 3 death shell crawlers)
  • 1 torpedo ammo muzzle (print x3 each to make 3 death shell crawlers)
  • 3 fins
  • 3 coral accessories to differentiate each model.
  • 80mm plain base
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