Ded Killy Da Runt Bush


Ded Killy da bush runt is a special little runt inspired by the infamous bush ranger, Ned Kelly. He wields dual koltz and wears the iconic iron body armour and helmet. He stands atop the remains of an unfortunate imperial guardsman, whose helmet looks mightily like the Victorian coppers who hunted the Kelly gang. You can use this runt as a squad leader for your runt mobs, a mate for your warboss, or even standing on top of vehicle.

Ded Killy is causing all sorts of mischief here in da scrap piles. First, he knicked some of da bosses teef, then he krumped a few of da boyz wiv his kolt blastas. Worst of all but, he started finken fer himself when he made his own ‘eavy armour and saying stuff like “such iz life”. Now he’s da most wanted little git ever.

25mm base included.

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