Orc scrap truck


Da orc scrap truck is what you need to get da boyz in a fight, quick sticks! Revving the engine, stomping the clutch and slamming into gears, orc drivers are crazed speedy maniacs who are just as likely to ram their way through obstacles to get to the fight Their gunner mates blast anything that moves, trailing streams of smoking golden shells in their wake. Wrecka runtz operate deadly cranes and smash stuff as they speed by, with unstable grins. The huge engines in these trucks pull massive heavy scrap rigs, loaded to the brim with war-hungry orcs who can think of no better way to launch into a fight, than jack-knifing into the fray. With plenty of room on the back, you can fit up to a 40mm base on the orc scrap truck. You can leave the rig trailer and wrecking platform off if you wish. This set can make an orc scrap truck. The set comes with 21 parts. This includes:
  • 1¬†chassis
  • 1 dozer blade
  • 1 engine
  • 1 cabin
  • 4 large wheel
  • 4 small wheel
  • 1 driver (comprised of 3 parts)
  • 1 gunner
  • 1 wrecka runt
  • 1 wrecking platform
  • 1 wrecking crane (comprised of 2 parts)
  • 1 trailer
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