Slime-ridden exterminator


The slime-ridden exterminator is a hideous dredge marine lieutenant that drags around a mutated mollusk shell, filled with festering ocean toxins. With one hose feeding directly to his monstrous face and the other to the nozzle of a spitting weapon, the exterminator blissfully breaths the very fume that paralises his enemies.

The exterminator can be assemble with or without the extended demon hood.

Use this hero in your dredge armies to buffer your troops.

The set comes with 9 parts. This includes:

1 x body
1 x right arm
1 x elite right shoulderpad
1 x left arm
1 x left shoulderpad
1 x sea mine cluster
1 x optional hood
2 x shell windows
1 x 40mm base

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