Runt tanks


This massive set can make a mob of at least 4 runt tanks, though all parts are interchangeable so you could make as many as you wish! The set comes with 59 part. This includes:

  • 4 hulls
  • 8 tracks plus 1 group of running snotgobs
  • 4 turrets
  • 5 turrets (comprising 8 parts including 2 runt bosses, a chair and umbrella)
  • 8 guns (comprising 2 burnas, 2 shootas and 4 cannons)
  • 4 fronts
  • 4 engines (comprising 5 parts)
  • 3 ammo piles
  • 3 ammo boxes
  • 8 accessories (comprising 1 squished runt, 1 hammer runt, 1 exposed rocket which the hammer runt can smash, 1spare rocket, 1 spanner, 1 shovel, 1 junk projectile and 1 explosion projectile)
  • 3 80mm plain bases

Get ready to build your own mob of clanking, rattling, junk tanks, piloted by crazy runts who barely know which way is forward! Mobs of runt tanks are always fun to customise, especially when they’re all so individual, like these ones. Some of them have a bunch of marching runt legs instead of tracks, one has a hamster wheel with snotgobs inside it, some have huge wheels, some have heavy chains, and some have rusted scrap tracks. Every runt tank needs a turret with a gun and this set has 8 different guns to choose from! That includes 2 burnas, 2 shootas and 4 cannons. Each cannon can represent either rocket launchers or junk launchers, depending on which ammo you give it. You can take a pile of ammo, stick it in a box, and place the box anywhere on the tank. Customise your runt tanks even more with a unique hatch. You can put a runt boss sticking out of a turret or sitting on top of his garbage chair under his looted umbrella, eating enjoying some of life’s luxuries. Or, you can use a more standard hatch like a rooftop (it makes sense for runts). On the front of each tank, you can place a different type of window, or just stick another gun there if you want! Choose from 4 different engine parts to customise the rear of your tank. Stick a few more extra bits here and there, like a shovel, spanner or a hammer runt – who has found a super effective way of launching rockets!

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